Japan releases world's thinnest phone ever


The compact device Tiny Companion, released by Japan is designed to fit inside a card holder. The phone only weighs 47g (1.6oz) and features an electronic-paper touchscreen, similar to e-books. It will have limited functionality, with calls, texts and a net connection but no camera or facility to work with mobile apps. The simple and easy-to-carry card phone is seen by NTT Docomo as a useful extra device for people who have already purchased large-screen smartphones. NTT Docomo describes the mobile phone as the “world's thinnest phone ever”.

Epic Games sues Fortnite cheat

The company Epic Games sues Brandon Lucas, a famous YouTuber who has attracted 1.7 million subscribers to his Golden Modz channel, where he plays modified or hacked versions of Fortnite and other games. He also runs a website where he sells cheats, such as automatic aiming, for more than $200 (£150). While legally filing the case in the court Epic Games stated that Lucas not only cheats, he also promotes, advertises, and sells software that enables those who use it to cheat.