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Mahira backfires after being trolled on Twitter

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take steps necessary to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to follow suit.

Superstar Mahira Khan has taken the initiative of spreading the much-needed awareness. As we all know, certain elements are still a taboo within our Pakistani society and speaking about one’s breasts is considered one of them. However, this stigma around speaking openly about certain things is the reason so many end up suffering, especially women. So, Mahira took it upon herself to not only raise awareness and funds, but educate some on this ‘forbidden’ topic. “It’s because of people like you women don’t even bother saying the word ‘breast’ let alone go for an examination,” the Raees star clapped back at an ignorant being. She continued, “Why don’t you take the quiz, to be more aware for the women in your family and yourself (men can also get breast cancer),” she stated, urging people to educate themselves on the matter and expand their knowledge.


Faraz Manan spills the beans on his friendship with Kareena

The ace designer has his own ways. More than craving the screen time, he believes in working hard and making his mark across the border, all through his designing skills. No wonder he has made it to the list of most sought-after Pakistani designers. He is friends with many a Bollywood celebrities and Kareena Kapoor Khan is one such high-profile celeb he enjoys a friendly relation with.

Apparently, there was a very sweet little incident that made things friendly between the two.

Discussing his friendship with Kareena and Karisma with Elle India in an interview, Manan said, “We actually started working with Karisma Kapoor a few years ago and after a while, we naturally started working with Kareena,” Faraz said. “The sisters are very close and are quite similar in terms of their tastes and habits. Kareena and I bond over our traditions, family values and love for food. I recall when we did our very first shoot together in Jaipur, we were both scheduled to leave for home the very next day. Just before boarding, we both realised that we wanted to stay back for another day, relax and indulge in Rajasthani food. So we did. And that’s how we became friends from day one.”


Zara married a wrong man in a hurry to become an actor

Zara Noor Abbas is one such actor who is eloquent as array. She is managing her acting responsibilities along with being a TED speaker very well.

Addressing the crowd at TEDx GCU Lahore, Zara opened up about her struggles to enter showbiz. She said, “I came from a middle class family, aspiring to be an actor. I participated in various plays and dance competitions during my childhood but then I heard about a play that was taking place in Iran. I asked my father if I could take part but he refused,” she revealed in an interview with Express Tribune.

The Dharkan actor then went to her mother Asma Abbasi, for her permission. Asma asked Zara to observe hijab as her father would only let her go if she did. Consequently, he agreed and she went to Iran.

Recalling her return from Iran, Zara stated, “Once I was back, I got the opportunity to act in another play but this time I did not tell my father. My mother, along with my aunts, came to watch my performance and praised it immensely.”

The star then thought of pursuing acting professionally and sat down with her parents to discuss her plans. Zara added, “They said ‘Jaan choro humari. Shaadi karlo aur jo karna hai karo‘. I was really desperate to act so I agreed to their conditions.”

The Khamoshi star then went to the US to find suitors. She met a man who had no issues with her working as an actor and the two decided to tie the knot. “But soon after I realised that I had gotten married for all the wrong reasons – to escape my family and start acting. This led to my divorce and my family thankfully was very accepting of it.”


Syed Noor ‘not happy’ with the status of ‘star power’ some celebs are enjoying

Ever since the Pakistan film industry has started to rise from the ashes, there are some clear divisions in our film fraternity. As Karachi is being the centre of all film-making activities, Lahore feels that it is being neglected.

Syed Noor, the ace film-maker, known for films like Jeewa and Chooriyan, has some reservations about the ways our film industry is being progressed and one is the star power that many of our ‘heroes’ have been enjoying.

Recently, in an interview with a leading English daily, Syed Noor expressed that our cinema is in dire need of star power, which our films are currently lacking.

“We need more stars to ensure that Pakistani cinema continues to prosper as right now, films are not applauded for the actors but for their entertainment value,” he said.

“We need to have stars to keep our films going and only then we will have a star-specific audience. Today, cinema-goers watch films for entertainment. There was an era when fans went to the cinemas for films of Nadeem, Mohammad Ali and Waheed Murad,” he added.

According to Noor, “While we have promising and celebrated actors in the country, the ‘oomph factor’ is certainly missing.”

“Humayun Saeed, Fawad Khan and Ahsan Khan are performing well but they lack star power that was the hallmark of seasoned film stars. They host shows on television and appear in dramas too. We need heroes like Waheed Murad, Muhammad Ali, Nadeem, Shaan, Moammar Rana, Ghulam Mohiyuddin and Shahid to give a boost to films.”


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan brews love and magic with Tu Meri Main Tera

The Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra starrer Namaste England has already hit the theaters. While all the musical numbers from the movie help set the romantic, nostalgic mood of the film, the latest release Tu Meri Main Tera has our hearts. Sung by the maestro, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the song delves in the heartbreaking journey of two lovers as they venture into a new part of their lives. The song is a soulful, old-school romantic and a touching number, making one croon along to the beautiful lyrics. The video features Param (Arjun Kapoor) who is undergoing various geographical and emotional obstacles as he tries to enter a country illegally to meet his beloved Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra). While Jasmeet tries to find her footing in a foreign land. It is hands down, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s distinctive vocals which stir the magic in song; he sings viscerally, with a rawness which tugs at the heart. The song is composed by Mannan Shaah and penned by legendary Javed Akhtar. Do listen!