Gun Smoke

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  • 03 Nov - 09 Nov, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: Dolmen Mall Cilfton, Karachi
Average cost for 2: PKR 3,000 aprox

Ages before pan Asian, Asian fusion and Korean cuisines could settle for a niche in Karachi, steakhouses had already found a market for the meat-loving lot, here. Amongst the many steakhouses which promise tasteful steaks, Gun Smoke has become a favourite haunt. Walking into Gun Smoke is like being transported into a spaceship; the futuristic design is all metal – or made to look like metal – rendering a modern twist to the old-world cowboy Western saloons. Taking in the interior’s design makes quite a neck exercise as there is really a lot to take in for the eye; aeroplane models are suspended from the ceiling, stationed in the air mid-flight, polished wooden tables with alien-green upholstery ready for the diners, a long counter with costumed wait staff and a large marble bar at the apex of the eatery which holds salads of every kind. The restaurant has occupied quite a big space for itself with tables strewn far across the floor, giving the restaurant a quirky look. Our group of three, ploughed through the extensive menu which boasted of handcrafted burgers, signature steaks, all-day breakfast and grilled chicken meals. We settled for Gun Smoke Char Grilled BBQ Chicken Meal opting for half chicken and Spicy Siracha Steak. The menu helps navigate you through the types of steak you prefer, providing you options from black and blue, rare, medium rare, medium well to well done (needless to say, stray far from black and blue!) A complimentary round of soup is also offered along with salads specials. Pouring out the soup from a steaming pot using a ladle is certainly not as easy as it looks, but is an experience in itself. We helped ourselves to some creamy chicken soup which was well-flavoured, but had a very thick consistency for my liking. Salad bar ensured a meal in itself; a dream come true for veggie-lovers, allowing you to spoon out roasted chickpeas, saucy kidney-beans, flavoured apples, olives and corns. Although the salad bar was basic and staple, every item was flavour-rich. The char grilled BBQ Chicken is a chicken lover’s bliss; juicy, well-flavoured chicken served with a bucket of fries. But one really has to put up a struggle with the chicken (at one point dispelling all table manners!), tearing through the leg pieces. The leftovers aren’t too presentable either; I wish the restaurant could serve a boneless version of the grilled chicken. We went for medium rare steak, which was doused in spiciest Siracha sauce (a bit too spicy for the faint-hearted) topped with melted cheese and grilled onions. Despite the beef packing the right punch of flavours, the Siracha sauce gave out a sour under taste which didn’t really appeal to my taste buds. After our heavy early lunch, we were too full to cater to our sweet notes, that’s the satiating affect Gun Smoke imparts on its eaters! 

TASTE 4Stars

For a promise of the best steak in town, Gun Smoke slightly disappointed us with Siracha steak. However, the char grilled chicken and salad bars were amazing. I perhaps have to explore more steak flavours.


Gun Smoke wins you over at first sight with its ambience which upholds a distinct theme unlike other restaurants. It makes for one of those unusual experiences when the ambience weighs more over good taste.


Affable staff is ready to help you when you reach out for help, otherwise remains unobtrusive which worked well for us.


Secondary to its ambience, the food aces at its presentation too. I particularly liked how the fries were presented in cute metal baskets and buckets.


It is worth it if you enjoy every morsel of your food. For steakhouse special, Gun Smoke is moderately priced, but it really depends on what you order. The serving sizes were decent too.