Gauri doesn’t have time for Shah Rukh

It's a known fact that Gauri Khan is an ace interior designer. Her official Instagram is filled with pictures of her beautiful designs. And in fact, many celebs have visited her store Gauri Khan Designs, pictures of which have garnered a lot of buzz on the internet. Last week, she put up a picture of a Bollywood based beauty brand store she designed. Impressed by his wife Gauri's craft, Shah Rukh liked the picture and asked when will she design his office. He wrote, "When are you designing my office?" Gauri Khan's hilariously amusing response proved that she is indeed Queen to King Khan. 

She wrote, "As soon as I have some free time..." Well, Shah Rukh Khan may be the King of wits and humour but Gauri isn't far behind. We wonder what Shah Rukh Khan has to say now?