From to Rags Riches

There are many Hollywood celebrities who started from the bottom. These go-getters came from literally nothing but managed to achieve their goals with their ever-ending determination. Here is a list of five celebrities who became household names in no time, as reported by Business Insider.

1- Leighton Meester

Currently 32 years of age, Meester was born in a Texas prison where her mother was serving her sentence for drug smuggling. Even though her mother was allowed to spend the first 12 weeks after Leighton’s birth in a halfway house, she was soon moved back to jail. The Gossip Girl star then went to live with her grandmother in Florida until her mother was released.

Current net worth: $5 million

2- Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic star lived with his mother most of his life. She worked multiple jobs in Los Angeles to support the family. Leonardo managed to complete high school but starting acting at an early age. He got his first ad when he was 14-years-old.

Current net worth: $200 million

3- Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible star was raised in Canada and started acting on a small scale when he was in the fourth grade. After his parents got divorced, he moved to the US where his talent continued to flourish. Belonging to a Catholic family, he aspired to be a priest but chose the acting path instead. He first appeared in films at the age of 19 and is now a part of various blockbusters. Tom recalls growing up in poverty and being constantly abused by his father.

Current net worth: $250 million

4- Sarah Jessica Parker

Hailing from a coal-mining town, she was the youngest of four siblings. Her parents filed for divorce when she was only two. Her mother remarried and gave birth to four more children. But, the family found it hard to make ends meet as the mother was a housewife and Parker’s step-father was a truck driver.

However, the actor’s talent had no bounds. She landed her first Broadway role at the age of 11 and managed to make it to Hollywood with her first TV show called Square Pegs when she was 16-years-old.

Current net worth: $90 million

5- Celine Dion

Being the youngest of 14 siblings, the singer grew up in a French-Canadian family. She entertained the crowd at her parent’s piano bar where her father earned about $160 a week to support his 16-member family. Celion got her big break when she and her family sent a self-composed song to music manager Rene Angelil. He instantly fell in love with her voice and mortgaged his house to pay for her record. The two then got married. However, in 2016, Rene passed away after a prolonged illness.

Current net worth: $400 million