Snapchat on the decline


Instagram has overtaken Snapchat as the most used social media app among teens. The report indicates that 85 per cent of participants used Instagram at least once a month compared with an equivalent figure of 84 per cent for Snapchat. But rankings were reversed when the teens were asked which app did they prefer. Snapchat was picked as the "favourite social platform" by 36% of those questioned, while Instagram was chosen by 52%. The engagement figure fed a narrative that Snapchat is on the decline. The newly added filters are not really appreciated by the teens for snapchat, explains the team Instagram after the survey study.

Facebook Messenger’s new look

Facebook has now confirmed that all users will be able to access the new Messenger in a week. The new Messenger4 update aims to streamline the app's functions after it had become 'too cluttered' with new additions and tools that Facebook pushed in to try and expand the app’s use. The most noticeable change is the bottom function bar, with Facebook switching it from five tabs to three, narrowing down the focus. Facebook's also added a new 'colour gradients' option, which enables people to use multiple colours to customise their chat bubbles in conversations. Essentially, all the key elements are there, just shifted around, with some new tricks added in. The new layout does take a moment to get used to, but it provides a better user experience.