Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen)


Amazon has launched its tablet Echo Show that is definitely an advancement in tab tech. The device boasts of a 10-inch crystal clear display. This device is controlled by Alexa and serves as a smart hub and uses the Zigbee protocol to connect to smart home devices. Amazon stepped up the sound quality by adding dual two-inch premium drivers, a passive bass radiator, and Dolby processing. In addition, you can adjust the treble and bass with your voice even from across the room. You can also use the Show to set up Alexa’s Multi-room audio feature. Beyond that, it does all the things a regular Echo speaker can do, like add items to your shopping list, set timers and alarms, too. For those of you who get creeped out by devices with a screen in your homes, there’s a way to turn both the camera and speaker off for privacy.