Stock up on these staples pieces, and you are good for many fall seasons ahead!

The beginning of fall is marked by some very specific things. The leaves change color, the temperature drops, and of course, a myriad of new trends inundate every fashion blog, store, and online shop. It is easy to be tempted – or overwhelmed – by all of the options. You might be wondering things like which pieces are actually worth the money, which will be out of style, come 2019, and which will actually have long-term staying power in your wardrobe. With fall quickly approaching, we curated a list of the season's most timeless pieces for women, the ones you will want to wear year after year. So, whether you're trying to keep your seasonal wardrobe down to the basics or looking for some new pieces to add to your collection, this list has got you and your closet covered.

A veteran jacket, against all bad weathers

Fall promises some cool relief after a hot summer, but fall weather can be pretty erratic in Karachi. Getting dressed is significantly more difficult when you don't know what weather fall will throw at you, but luckily a jacket can withstand it all. Choose materials that are waxed-cotton, corrosion-proof zippers, and double-stitched seams to give you a weatherproof finish that is super practical, but attractive too.

Basic, black cardigan

A black cardigan is the perfect item to throw-over any outfit when you need some extra warmth or to cover your shoulders. Find one that is thin enough to easily transition between seasons. This is the ultimate everyday layering piece and it comes in a variety of neutrals, so you can find one that best matches your wardrobe.

Fun blouse

You should have a few blouses that are comfortable, work-appropriate, and easy for everyday wear. This one can easily be tucked into jeans or trousers for a more casual or formal look, respectively. Polka-dots are a fun way to add pattern while still staying within a neutral colour palette.

Time for ‘em long sleeved t-shirts

A simple, soft, long sleeve tee is the kind of shirt you'll live in once the weather gets cooler. The relaxed fit and soft cotton of this one will really make you want to wear it every day. If stripes aren't your thing, you can find it in a black and blush colour, too.

Classic warmth and comfort of turtlenecks

A classic turtleneck t-shirt looks great layered under sweaters, jumpsuits, or on its own with a pair of jeans. Choose ones made with a soft, lightweight cotton that is perfect for taking you into the colder weather.

Dark skinny jeans that can go from that can go from day to night

Every wardrobe needs a pair of dark skinny jeans. This basic style can easily be dressed up or down and looks good with pretty much everything. A rich, dark blue colour is my favourite for fall.