Mews - Wholesome Kitchen

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  • 10 Nov - 16 Nov, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: F42 E St, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: 2000- 2500 approx

Amidst last week’s city turbulence, we risked out to wind down a bit and satiate the hunger for fine dining. But alas, a colleague and I, found ourselves at the much popular café, Mews- Wholesome Kitchen. Having visited the restaurant earlier, I recalled my dinning experience at the eatery to be an ambiguous hit and miss. Keep an eye out for it as you drive by the popular E-Street, where Mews is neatly tucked midst a row of other cafés. The eatery’s ambience emanates a British rotisserie feel with its bricked narrow alley entrances, neatly interconnected dining areas, open windows beckoning in ample sunlight and an inviting blue interior against white-wooden furnishings. From the pretty windows engraved with creepers intertwining lit fairy lights, to vintage lamps suspended from the ceilings and art lining the wall; you’d find yourself falling in love with the restaurant. I wish I could say the same about their eclectic menu, though. We started with two appetizers, The Square Salad and Spicy Baked Mushroom. Everything in the salad from avocados, tomatoes, feta cheese was cut in neat squares (hence its name, Square Salad) and topped with crunchy filo sheets. Despite the fresh inputs of the dish the salad fell bland to the taste buds. Even the cubes of chicken lacked any flavour. Next, baked mushroom tops stuffed with grounded olives, chili and garlic filling made for the most curious appetiser. The spicy stuffing inside tied well with the baked, soft mushroom but after a few morsels I couldn’t stomach more; it’s a dish reserved for devout mushroom fans. After cleansing our palettes with lemon mojito and flavoured iced tea, we moved to the main courses. Pomi Cous Cous Chicken was a beauty to behold, but after a few bites of bland chicken eaten with orange and pomegranate cous cous seeds the verdict was; disappointment. How can a dish from ‘chicken specials’ deliver sad, unflavored chicken? The second main course, Pumpkin Burnt Butter Steak helped bring some life back into the lunch hour with its flavourful steamed beef steak spattered with herb butter and garlic. However, no choice of mashed or fried potato chips were served along with it, as per norm. In a bid to fetch some satiation to our lunch scene, we ordered the safest option from their desserts; Nutella Banoffee. Thick layers of whipped cream, caramel, frozen chocolate and crushed-biscuits were delectable to eat and finally made for the only highlight of our noon.

TASTE 3Stars

It’s a hit or miss; each time you go to Mews and experiment with their menu by trying more dishes you are in for a surprise (good or bad, it’s your luck now!) All chicken and salad options on their menu are rather weak in flavour.


When I quizzed myself over why I sauntered into Mews that noon, I guiltily admitted that its ambience was a core reason. You keep giving the inviting blue haven another shots, in the hopes of good food.

SERVICE 3.5Stars

All courses were served to us after a lot of waiting. During the lunch hours, Mews is bustling.


Pomi Cous Cous Salad had the most gorgeous presentation owing to its burst of colors. Can’t say the same about my steak which came spattered in a buttery mess.


Qualifying for an upscale eatery, everything from the salad bars to breakfast options are highly priced. For the taste, the price scale is rather unconvincing.