This Week in History

Nov 10,1969: Sesame Street premieres
Sesame Street, the long-running American children's television series, premiered on TV stations.

Nov 11, 1918: World War I ends
An armistice was signed to formally end the war. With 17 million casualties, the First World War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.

Nov 12, 1966: First images of a Solar Eclipse taken from space
The crew of Gemini 12 which included Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin were able to view and take pictures of the total solar eclipse over South America.

Nov 14, 1971: First spacecraft to orbit a planet
NASA's Mariner 9 entered Mars' orbit after 167 days in space. Despite it being in Mars' orbit within 15 minutes, a dust storm on the planet made it impossible for Mariner 9 to take pictures of Mars until January. 

Nov 15, 1988: State of Palestine created

The Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) declared the creation of the state while in exile in Algiers, Algeria. The declaration designated eastern Jerusalem as the state's capital.

Nov 16, 2001: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone released
The film version of the popular book by the same name written by author J. K. Rowling starred Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and followed Potter's first year at Hogwarts, a school for magic.