Syed Noor - Off The Mark, Sir!

Syed Noor has been called the Lollywood Mogul, and not for nothing, too. He revived an Urdu industry in the Nineties that was lying on the death bed, with its oxygen coming in short bursts! All that is true. But, now, at the end of 2018, our new cinema is building up with new, glitzy bricks, and those yardsticks don’t apply, unfortunately!

Syed Sahab says Ahsan, Humayun, and Fawad have no star power! But, all of them have acted in films, and their films have done superb business. Ahsan Khan, I must say, was largely wasted in films, but, on television, he is a superstar! Humayun is truly the King Midas of our cinema. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Syed Sahab must realise that the days of melodramatic cinema are long past. The days of loud delivery on all levels is ancient story. The days of lifeless story, bad action sequences, dull camerawork, and bogus casting create no nostalgia. Of course, Syed Sahab’s direction and handling was exceptional, but that dilapidated system was going to produce no more giants. Pygmies were the order of the day!

I won’t ever say this is champagne cinema. It’s not. But, at least, younger people are coming forward, and trying to lift our cinema. Our industry never earned this much in its history. It never had the world as its audience. It is now. The days of message will also come, and we will need to produce lots of films per year. But, at least, these young people are trying to resurrect our silver screen!