Sanam Chaudhry - Deserves Praise!

It’s been quite a year for Sanam! A year that saw her mount the biz stairs closer to the top of the roof. And, interestingly, with no inkling of the vertigo!

She has managed to perform two very different characters on television with young brilliance. In Hum TV’s Ghar Titlee ka Par (GTKP), Sanam play-acted a person, whose speciality is flirtatious endeavours, and who breaks homes with the wink of her twinkling iris! This is the role of Anjee, a foxy lady, which has made her a household story. This beautiful, and clever girl, is a huntress with nary a care for the victim. She portrayed all the moods here. The other persona, in Geo TV’s Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai (ADKKKH), Sanam took a U-turn to the other side where she became a needy girl, who would walk into a trap at the drop of a hat! That risk came with the contract of her job! Her fright, her plight, her screams, and the veeran look, was too realistic not to praise.

Doing a headstrong girl from the upper-middle class, and then a most vulnerable working class girl in the lower-middle strata, Sanam has given a performance that deserves an award. There are better actresses in the local circuit, but this year, the variety she has given in three to four serials, proves she really excelled in her work. On top of that, her debut film, Jackpot, adds another feather to her hat!