Dramatic Scripts - Top Stars Exist in Vacuum!

As the year ends, and the penultimate month has dawned, one just returned to three serials every week, in the whole lot of almost fifty!

These three serials are Kaisee Aurat Hoon Main (KAHM), Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai (ADKKKH), and Ghar Titlee ka Par. Now, Aatish is the only serial this quarter, which has a progressive strain. Then, this year, Khamoshi was a very balanced serial that held our attention. Another one that caught us in its attraction was Ishq Tamasha. One more to name was Mah-e-Tamam, which had enough juice to quench our thirst. But, how many more can you count? The new serials have either disappointed us early, or dived into the pits in the later episodes. For instance, the worst script, without any shadow of doubt, goes to Zan Mureed, a totally boring serial, with top artistes, who existed in a vacuum! It failed to give us any progressive content like Udaari, Sammi, or ADKKKH. Ta’beer was another serial with nothing to follow. All scenes kept the artistes in a dinghy room, most of the time. In the next category, serials like Tawan make you swear off drama channels. It’s a total black hole, as totally routine dialogues, and bad twists waste your haseen sham! Once again, Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka (MKHKAK) has nose-dived after 8 to 10 episodes, with nothing noteworthy in script, and nobody even talks about the talaq of lead pair, which is the vital issue of this serial! Logic is the victim in this one. Similarly, Band Khirkiyan (BK) went down like a thud, as it failed to make a turn. One dimension, one tone!

What I fail to understand is why are we moving inside drawn lines? It’s like we are robots, who turn and move like machines, with android voices! What kind of one-dimensional people are we creating? I didn’t like Ta’beer, but the writer created at least one good character, played by Ali Safina. You could see it was an inspiration!

There are hardly any working women, like in Digest Writer and KAHM. We don’t have painters, teachers, singers, intellectuals, politicians, technocrats, businessmen etc. They are like chabiwali dolls!

Is this what our society has given us?