Table To Book
  • 17 Nov - 23 Nov, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: Rs 1800 – 2000 approx.

The café-cum-bakeshop, and now an Asian fusion restaurant, Vintage is amongst the many opportunist upscale-eateries that mushroomed during the rising café culture in Karachi; throwback 2014. Its first petite, basement premises were (and still are) at the sea-breezy Khayaban-e-Seher; luring diners into its distinct Victoria tea house themed interiors - very distinct from others cafés of the time. Diners used to warm up to its quaint English teahouse theme, an inviting bright yellow door, flowery wallpapers, mismatched tiles and dried flowers at the entrance. But the Vintage I walked into last week was unlike anything I had remembered; the new makeover has entirely stripped off its old-world Victorian theme, settling for a slick gold and black modern interior, very contrary to the eatery’s name. The change is understandable, for the old ‘vintage’ was popular amidst a certain demographic, however they choose to keep the yellow door which, they say, is inspired by the yellow brick road from Wizard of Oz. A colleague and I clocked in at lunch hour and were ushered upstairs in polished dining area. The menu has sections dedicated to eggs, omelets, sandwiches and crepes, waffles and interestingly, pancakes; this could be a good place for breakfast! The main entrées boast chicken and seafood; and many pastas to choose from. From the appetisers we choose Stuffed Chicken Crispers; peach iced tea and lime for drink. Four elderly, golden pieces arrived with honey mustard dip, making us appreciate the serving size. I found the hard crispy coating on the crispers slightly scouring to the tongue and bland in taste, however the stuffed cheesy chicken was well seasoned. Swathed into honey mustard dip, they were a good start to the meal. The peach iced tea was not clear as I had expected, but a bit frothy and soothing to the taste buds. All main courses are served with a choice of sidelines of plain/garlic rice, French fries, baked or mashed potatoes. We went for Cheese Overload with a sideline of mashed potatoes and Moroccan Chicken with garlic rice. Vintage has a penchant for aesthetically-pleasing food; both courses had excellent presentation, with an extra sideline of steamed zucchini, green beans and carrots. Moroccan chicken arrived generously swathed in creamy sauce with well-flavoured chicken, which had the perfect spicy-to-tangy ratio. Morsels of chicken teamed with garlic-fragrant rice and vegies were delectable. But the lunch-hour highlight was the Cheese Overload; three softest chunks of chicken oozing flavoured cheese, wooed our taste buds. Even the steaming mashed potatoes added its kick to the culminated flavour; making it a main course one must try on another venture to the eatery.

TASTE 4.5 Stars

As far as I remember (or my taste buds can), Vintage has never slaked in taste on my past visits to the eatery. Taste remains to be its forte and its newly-sprouted branches are a testament to it. Their breakfast is definitely on my bucket list.


I have to confess, I miss the eatery’s Victorian aesthetic which had becomes its quintessential. It took me a while to appreciate its new modern furnishings, which albeit classy, are like any other. Plenty of sunshine, futuristic lamps, mirrored walls and glinting tables; it’s still a rather nice makeover.


Staff is affable and unobtrusive, offering to help when asked. It’s always appreciated when the waiter drops by and asks about the food served.


Because you feed with your eyes first! Special mentions to cucumber slices, shaped like a flower which adorned my dish. More eateries should take hint from Vintage, and focus on food presentation.


All items including main courses are priced under thousand (exclusive of taxes), which for an upscale eatery like Vintage, is very reasonable. The good serving and affordability factor makes it a good place for impromptu plans.