Alif Noon - Think Funny!

How pertinent this new film would be, can well be assessed by the Noon part!

But, on reflection, do we have writers amongst the present lot who can write a script with an outer symbol and an inner symbol? Does even Dr Younus Butt have this talent? If he had it, he won’t be writing such obvious comedy as Hum Sab Umeed se Hain!

As for Vasay Chaudhry, he is funny, but hasn’t shown fun with pun as yet! Does that mean Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi will have to rouse Awar Manqsood from his well-earned retiree sleep?

Of course, the first question is that will Roy boy and FQ fit the margins of Kamal Ahmed Rizvi and Rafi Khawar? That aside, considering they could be essaying totally new characters, with the same format of the original, they are taking a big risk by making a film on Alif Noon. This concept on the silver screen, not unlike The Odd Couple (TOC), could really be a mud slide to failure! Even TOC was more appreciated on TV. It could succeed, provided they take Ahsan Raheem!

Shehzad could go back to his famous music videos, namely Laga Reh and Qismat Apney Hath Mein, if he wants to make people laugh. As for Faisal, really to be honest, look at his face: does he look a funny man? His face is totally pensive, though he wants to play funny characters. He has had some films, including Very Good Dunya Very Bad Loag, and Teefa in Trouble. I thought he did quite nicely in TiT, but that’s about it. Abrar’s Preeto was perhaps his best outing in a video.

A really funny script could do the trick! Lotsa thinking to be done, even if you shoot it in Hong Kong! Only xibing xabang cannot suffice, as Nannha used to say.