I have stars and a halo on my head, and I’m walking around with rainbows. I like to keep it simple and sweet.

Aliya Bhatt on how affectionate and beautiful person she is when in love

Yes, that it’s very me. You will be able to see the real Zara. The character is really strong and I didn’t think twice before saying yes.

Zara Abid revelas confirms she would be starring in Chaudhry, a film on slain police office, Aslam Chaudhry

My character is dark and encounters real world problems. This is what the film is about.

Sonya Hussyn talks about her role in Sorry - A Love Story

I don’t know the definition of being ambitious but I am very passionate about cinema. I want to produce, act. I want to be cinema person 360 ways possible.

Chirangda Singh talks about being ambitious and what keeps her going