Sweat In Style

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

Gearing up sporty doesn’t have to come at the cost of being boring and unfashionable. In this week’s edition we are here to make you sweat in style!

1- Look as sharp as a hawk, as you sprint on your sports bicycle with these cool, tinted aviators on.

2- Sling on this floral yet sporty cross body bag from Adidas, to woo the athletic woman in you.

3- Keep the harsh sun at bay, with a cool denim cap.

4- The wrap-around setup of these waterproof headphones makes it a perfect fit for swimmers who are tired of having ear buds jostle out of their ears.

5- Behold, an athlete-friendly bag pack to make sure you are always ready, and on the go!

6- Strap on a sporty watch to make a count of those evening trekking hours.

7- But first, hydration! These transparent bottles keep track of your water intake.

8- Nike’s latest Air Max trainers are every woman’s coveted catch! What’s cool, they come in a whole array of colours. 

9- The first step to getting lean and shedding a few pounds is comfortable clothing. This sports top by Tommy Hilfiger ensures you work out in style.