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Sadaf Kanwal trolled, yet again

As if the #MeToo story was not enough to make her a trolling stock on social media, Sadaf has done it again. This time by going gaga over her looks.

She posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “I know looks aren’t everything but I have them just in case”. People wasted no time in voicing their opinions on the statement Sadaf made. Some referred to her as beauty without brains and also indirectly implied that she’s gone under the knife. Oh dear!


Armeena joins relief efforts for Syrian refugees

Since 2011, the Syrian civil war has caused an approximate 400,000 deaths, while it has displaced millions from their homeland. Now, helping them in their mission, is our very own Armeena Rana Khan.

“The Syrian conflict has been going for quite a while. The images coming out of there affected me deeply and I felt more was needed than just status updates or condemnation,” Armeena said while speaking to Something Haute.

“As luck and fate would have it, I found the ‘Human Relief Foundation’ online and after some research into the charity, I found transparency, control over the fund-raising targets and the whole hand delivering aspect. I took the plunge and have only just returned from Jordan; a trip that I hope to be part of every year since it is so rewarding.”

The Janaan actress – who has previously been a part of a number of philanthropies such as Graham Layton Trust, Imran Khan’s Cancer Appeal in the U.K, and a number of community projects in Manchester for female empowerment – also spoke about the sheer suffering that warfare brings.

“The simplest and the easiest task is to live for oneself but it is not so when it comes to living for others. The Jordan trip has enlightened me in many different ways, it has opened my eyes to the abhorrence that is war, the suffering, the plight of the people,” Armeena explained. “I now refuse to call people ‘refugees’ for example, I feel it almost takes away from their humanity, they have names, real lives, and destroyed aspirations.”

Armeena concluded the conversation, saying, “Humans are designed to grow, be it knowledge, personal development, career etc.”


Juggun to star in digital movie

Juggun Kazim’s latest love is her own YouTube channel, which she keeps updating and is dedicating most of her time to. According to her, “On digital you can be more expressive and open about sentiments and one can reach a different audience with it.”

She is currently working on a digital film for YouTube titled Khirki. The film is about violence and how we tend to intimidate and bully our children.

“I was interested in being part of this film because I’d been in a similar situation during my first marriage,” she said. However, Khirki has been made more from the child’s perspective than a parent’s,” she clarified.

Being penned and directed by Fahad Nur, the film will also star Omair Rana and Shahzain Ali along with her.


Jibran Raheel’s Jhoota Pyar is fine, but forgettable

Singer Jibran Raheel recently came up with his first debut single, Jhoota Pyar which is a dramatised musical video about love, followed with a heartbreak which ensues because of misunderstandings. The title is reminiscent of ace singer Imran Khan’s song Bewafa from 2009, but Jhoota Pyar picks up a melodious tempo, instead of slowly building one. The eye-candy of the musical video is the swanky Sadaf Kanwal in a royal blue dress doubling over in grief and dejection over a failing relationship, like her lover. The video is a blend of a now-estranged couple going through happy flashbacks of their time together, fast-forwarding to their present state of unuttered accusations and betrayals. Singer Jibran’s vocals are balanced, making the song a good number to listen to. The melody and beats are fine, too, but the lyrics fall basic and unforgettable to the ears. Also, Sadaf Kanwal’s instances of overacting are almost comical to watch, but her perfect wardrobe choice acts as her saving grace.


Pressure on girls for perfect body 'worse than ever', says Princess Diana's therapist

Girls and young women are under more pressure than ever to achieve the perfect body in an oppressive social media-driven world that could never have been imagined by 1970s feminists, says psychoanalyst and bestselling author Susie Orbach.

Forty years after the publication of her seminal book ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, the British writer – who was once Princess Diana’s therapist – said women were commodifying their bodies as they tried to conform to false images peddled by online beauty influencers.

Girls as young as six were being conditioned to think about cosmetic surgery, she added, with a host of industries fuelling and profiting from body insecurity. Faced with the reality of modern life, many women were turning inward, obsessed with diet and fitness or embracing being overweight as a sign of rebellion.

“It’s much, much worse than we ever envisioned,” Orbach told AFP on the sidelines of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, where she was speaking about her new book In Therapy: How Conversations with Psychotherapists Really Work.

Orbach has recently been involved in a year-long international campaign to force Apple, Google and Amazon to remove cosmetic surgery apps targeting primarily school-aged girls, in which cartoon-style characters can be modified with procedures such as liposuction.