• 17 Nov - 23 Nov, 2018
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Rehan’s bike was on fire. It was lying at some distance. Rehan walked closer towards it and looked at it with upset eyes. Kevin Rollins was standing quite alert. He was looking around with vigilante eyes. He was hoping to find the attacker somewhere around.

“Who is this person?” Rehan asked him.

“It is the same guy who has been following me”

“I just want to get my hands on him,” Rehan spoke furiously.

“Don’t worry, you will.”

“What?” Rehan asked getting surprised.

“Right now at this moment, it is not appropriate for us be together. And by appropriate I mean not safe.”

“So, what should I do?”

“Right now let’s separate and rush towards our homes.”

Rehan, realising the danger, turned towards his right and started running.


In evening, Rehan was at his home sitting quite worried and upset. Maria was standing by his side. Breaking the silence, she said, “Rehan, you don’t need to be upset. You are still alive; thank God that nothing happened to you.”

Rehan didn’t respond as he didn’t seem to agree with her.

“Rehan it could have been worse. You know you both could have died out there. And secondly, did you ask Kevin Rollins that did he or did he not reach home safely.”

“Actually I haven’t,” Rehan replied with a tensed face.

“Then you must.”

She picked up his cell phone and handed over to Rehan. He called Kevin and after several rings, Kevin answered the call.


“Are you okay?”

Kevin didn’t respond. Rehan rephrased his question.

“Hello? Have you reached home safely?”

“I have, as a matter of fact, I reached a minute ago.”

“Was everything ok?”

“It wasn’t you know, it wasn’t”

“Really? How come?” Rehan asked getting anxious.

“Well uh, it’s a bit complicated to explain but… I’ll tell you later”

“Come on, tell me now.”

“Well the thing is that… The cops saw me running.”

“Yeah, so?”

“They thought that I was some criminal,” Mr. Rollins replied.

“That’s strange, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and they chased me long enough to locate my house.”

“Oh God, that’s bad.”

“I know, but I’m not worried about them. What I’m worried about is, is that the killer escaped. I can’t get my hands on him right now.”

“Well I think he will come after you, and then you can.”

“Not necessarily that he will come after me. It can be you.”

“I know.”

“You have to be careful as I have to be.”

“I agree,” Rehan replied with a sad face.

“I’ll call you back.”

“Sure, bye.”

The call got disconnected. Rehan kept his cell phone on the table.

“We both are in danger” Rehan said to Maria.

“Oh my God? Really?”

“Sadly, yes!”

“I think we missed an episode of Crimes at Corners today,” Rehan spoke.

“Rehan we are not watching those dangerous episodes ever again. These are the reason why we are stuck in such a situation.”

“I know but the reason I want to watch is because I need to know that how close they are.”

“Close to what?”

“Catching the killer Ali Athar.”

“Look we can’t count on them.”

“I know,” Rehan spoke standing up, “but the truth is that they are the only ones who are completely expert in this.”

“Completely expert, oh please, don’t exaggerate for God’s sake.”

“I am not. I’m just saying that they are ones who can get us out of this.”


“By catching Ali Athar and handing him over to the cops.”

“I would never count on them.”

“Well then do you have any other solution to the problem?”

“Yes, I have,” she replied. “But you won’t agree to it.”

“Ok let’s hear it out.”

“Well I suggest that you take an off for a few days from work.”

“That’s not possible. I have to go to work. This can’t happen.”

“And what if the criminal kills you outside and you’ll be lying dead around the corner of some street.”

“So what? I’ll die for a good purpose,” Rehan answered by not really meaning what he spoke.

“Good purpose, a woman who not related to you, nor was she your close friend or anything and you…”

“Alright fine, just leave this subject,” Rehan interrupted. “I’ll figure something else out.”


Later that night, Rehan was sleeping alone in his room. There was complete silence until a large piece of rock broke the window. Rehan woke up getting badly terrified and looked at the broken window. He tried to calm himself down and analyse the situation.

As his eyes finally saw the rock lying on the ground wrapped up in a paper, he pushed away his blanket, stepped out of his bed and went to pick up the rock. He unwrapped it and looked at the paper.

Rehan Riaz, I know where you live, I know where you work. Just step outside your house and see what I’ll do with you. Tell Kevin to stop these investigations or I’ll kill you both.

Ali Athar

The paper fell off Rehan’s hands as he got quite horrified. He moved back and leaned against the wall. His eyes were left wide open as he was looking at the paper on the ground.

What should I do now? How does this guy know so much about me?

Everything was happening so fast in front of him that he couldn’t figure a way out.

He then thought of calling Kevin Rollins and asking him what to do. The number was powered off. Rehan dialled again getting worried. And the same, Kevin’s number was off.

Rehan then walked towards the door and after leaving the room, he stood outside Maria’s room that was at a little distance. He wanted to wake her up but then he thought of not involving her in this.

What must I do now? He wondered.

He walked back to his own room and spoke to himself:

Maybe I should call the cops. Or should I inform the team of Crimes at Corners.


That moment at Kevin Rollins’ home, he was awake. He was in his living room. Several white A4 size papers were kept in front of him on the table. His laptop was also kept on a sofa nearby. He was holding a pen and a glass of some soft drink.

I have to solve this by all means today he spoke regarding Maimoona Alam’s murder case. I know who the killer is and I know what his motive was. I just need to find out who the second person is behind this.

He picked up one of the papers and tried to write with his pen that he was holding. But as he felt it to be difficult, he kept it back on the table and began to write. He was writing different theories. Those all were related to the case.

‘Love Life of Maimoona Alam’s was the title on the page.

For an hour, he kept on writing and made different assumptions. He couldn’t get to any conclusion, so he picked up his laptop and logged on to Facebook afterwards.

Within few minutes he opened profiles and pages of Ali Athar, Abdul Moiz, Nasir Ghias and Maimoona Alam. He was suspicious of everybody, which was why he was going through images and photo albums.

Moments later, he kept aside his laptop and finished his drink. He was thinking about what he had concluded and how he was going to find out what he wanted.

Will this mystery have a satisfied ending? He wondered.

He then looked at his cell phone that was kept on the same table. He picked it up switched it on.

I think I can switch it on now. He suggested himself.

After turning it on, he kept it aside on the sofa and continued thinking about the murder case.

Next minute, he picked up another paper and wrote the title.

‘Partners in Crime and

Actual Criminal’

He now started writing down some new theories. He kept the previous paper right in front of him and matched the new theories with the previous ones.


The following morning, Rehan dialled Kevin’s cell phone number. After several rings, Kevin answered the call.

“Yes Rehan?”

“Sir, you won’t believe what happened last night.”

“Ok, what happened?”

“Ali Athar threw a rock inside my room. My window’s broken and I was threatened by him.”

“Oh dear, that’s not good. How did he threat?”

“He wrote it on a piece of paper. He said that he’d harm me the moment I would step outside.”

“Ok. Well now you’re going to do just what I’m going to

tell you.”

“I also have to go for work.” Rehan interrupted.

“That’s right, just stay with me for a moment. You are going to call Uber and order a bike.”

“A bike?”

“Yes, no car no rickshaw, just a bike.”

“Alright, but don’t you think that’s a bit dangerous.”

“What my plan is that I want him to be exposed in front of public. The moment you’ll step out of the bike, he’ll try to attack you. Now what you have to do here is that you will call your colleagues and friends five minutes earlier and ask them politely to come downstairs as you’re going to inform them that your life is in danger and you need them to save you.”

“Oh I get it now. That’s brilliant Mr. Rollins. I’ll do it, I’m on my way.”

Few minutes later, Rehan was waiting for a phone call. As his phone began to ring, he answered it.


“Where are you sir?” the Uber driver asked.

“I’m on my way, just give me a minute.”

He left the house without waking up Maria and letting her know anything.

Five minutes later, Rehan was on the bike. He was looking around left and right trying to find the serial killer following him. His eyes finally saw the white Cultus following him. The driver’s face was covered with a black cloth and only his eyes were visible.

It’s him. Rehan whispered by himself.

Rehan immediately typed a text message and forwarded it to five of his colleagues.

Twenty minutes later, the Uber driver stopped and parked his vehicle outside Rehan’s office. Rehan purposely delayed in handing him over the money. He was secretly looking at the Cultus that had been following him. The mysterious person inside the white Cultus stepped out of his car and loaded his pistol.

Rehan looked at the stairway of the building and saw that three of his colleagues had come for his help. He then waved them to come closer towards him. Rehan handed over the money to the Uber driver and asked him to stay for a while.

The criminal saw five men together and realised that the situation was critical. So he sat back inside his car. Rehan and his colleagues ran towards the car. The terrified criminal stepped out of his car and ran dropping his hand pistol outside.

Rehan followed him while the rest of them took hold of his car and weapon.

After a long chase, Rehan finally got hold of the criminal as he jumped over him through the stairs. They both fell together. People around were looking at them. Rehan got hold of him as they both stood up slowly.

“I got you now Ali Athar,” Rehan said holding his mask.

to be continued...