Letters To The Editor

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. Because when you do, you’ll find that it’s your own hand.” – Norman B. Rice

Delay tactics to unnecessarily prolong lawsuits

As per The Family Courts Act (1964), lawsuits have a time frame of six months before being disposed but this is seldom practiced. Most family disputes filed under this Act are under review and go through proceedings far longer than six months, extending to a time frame well over a year. Contributing to this deficiency in the legal system is the extreme leniency towards either party that execute rather transparent tactics to needlessly protract verdict by simply not responding to court orders, also committing offence to the court which the legal system responds to with no action. The courts should have stricter checks on the execution of these laws to reduce the accumulated traffic of suits filed in court.

Ahsan Khalid,

Reducing plastic waste at home

Without a shadow of a doubt, plastic has been the worst invention the world has seen in the last century. A simple polyethylene bag that seems so irrelevant has proved detrimental to the environment which is nothing closeted but still, little is being done about the fact. Lack of knowledge and motivation contributes principally to the cause. The average consumer can significantly assist to the movement of saying no plastic by simply switching to glass bottles instead of consuming plastic, by carrying cotton canvas tote bags rather than opting for the polyethylene bags or reuse the plastic bottles to fashion a sustainable plant pot. Consumers are unaware of hacks as simple as this due to the lack of exposure. The media should advertise public messages to educate the masses.

Gohar Badar,

Dying book culture

The world we live in today was built on the foundation set by great leaders and readers. It is with utmost remorse being observed how the later is becoming a dying breed. The ever-reducing time we have for ourselves after a day of patterned life has largely affected our reading habits and the ability to think for ourselves, framing opinions of our own and educating ourselves in subjects that didn’t get any academic attention is highly compromised. Schools and instituitions should promote and work on inhibiting a reading habit among students and encourage them to become readers of the future by arranging weekly reading clubs.

Hina Adnan,

Lack of enthusiasm about Iqbal Day

The nation celebrated the birthday of renowned poet and visionary, Allama Muhammad Iqbal with little care or enthusiasm, simply labelling it a public holiday to sleep off. It is extremely sad how subjects on which the very foundation of the country has been laid are not being celebrated with pride as they deserved to be. Most schools took the day off and the younger minds know little about the great visionary that Iqbal was or his teachings. This is one day when schools can take the opportunity to spark an interest in history among the youth, an area easily neglected in the growing world.

Amina Saeed,