Building a blog, writing and posting articles is one thing while increasing the blog traffic and maintaining it is quite another.
If you have ever wondered how you can increase your blog traffic, read these essential tips that will help you put your blog on the map.

Share funny images/videos on social networks

While you will probably share your articles and stories from your niche, sometimes it’s ok to share something totally unrelated. For example, include occasional funny quotes, jokes, funny images and videos which may interest your followers. It will allow you to connect with your audience on another level, plus it might get you a share or two, more from people who usually wouldn’t share business material.

Interlink your content between each other

Interlinking your blog articles between each other is important. If done correctly, this technique can get you some nice traffic benefits. If you include links to other interesting articles on your blog people will eventually click and visit more pages on your blog.

Add social share buttons to your content

Social media is a useful instrument for promoting your blog content. You need to make sure to include social buttons to all your content, so people can easily share it on social networks. That would help you get additional traffic and exposure to your content.

You can place sharing buttons at the top of your content, at the bottom of your content, or on the side, as a floating widget. Or you can use all of the options if you want.

Comment and interact on other blogs

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to build relationships with top bloggers within your niche. Research the web to find top blogs in your niche and start commenting on their newest posts. It will help you make them and their readers aware of your existence as well as a way of developing your authority within the niche.

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