Nov 24, 1859

Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species published: One of the most influential books of all times, The Origin of Species, put forth the theory of evolution and described the process of natural selection.

Nov 25, 1950 

‘Storm of the century’ hits eastern US: Also known as the Appalachian Storm, the storm reached blizzard conditions and dumped nearly 60 inches of snow in the Appalachian area. About 150 people were reported dead.

Nov 26, 1942 

Casablanca premiers: The classic movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart won 3 Oscars – Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay.

Nov 27, 1895 

Alfred Nobel signs his last will: Alfred Nobel signed his last will which called for his estate and fortune to be used for creating awards for those who contribute to the benefit of mankind.

Nov 28, 1975 

East Timor independence: East Timor declared its independence from Portugal.

Nov 29, 1777 

City of San Jose Founded: The first city to be settled in California, San Jose was founded as San José de Guadalupe. 

Nov 30, 1982 

Michael Jackson’s Thriller released worldwide: Thought to be the best selling album of all time, which

had nine tracks, won eight Grammy Awards, including the award for Album of the Year in 1984.