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  • 24 Nov - 30 Nov, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Contrary to the restaurant’s name, there is nothing Italian about its new ambience, which is modern yet doesn’t carry any aspect to make you go ‘Italiano!’

Location: Bungalow#D-151/1, Block 5, Clifton
Average cost for 2: Rs 2000 to 2500 approx.


However, Pranzo does live up to its promise of an ultimate fine dining experience. Occupying palatial premises in the upscale lane dedicated to high-end restaurants, it is a very popular haunt for young groups. If I were to choose a single word to encapsulate their indoor and outdoor dining areas, it would be ‘grand’. The indoor hall is dimly lit with dark sofas and coffee tables, huge chandeliers and two gold stairways flanking the main entrance. It is rather overwhelming at first sight; the place, in all its grandiosity, mysteriously appears to be a haunt for Italian businessmen to crack illegal deals, just like they show in movies. The outdoors are kept dark and is lit sparingly by purple and yellow fairy lights, entwining the plants and walls. For a Tuesday night, the eatery is pretty busy, with groups of people occupying most of the area. It took me a while to navigate through its good-business secrets; Pranzo serves sheesha, and certainly enough, most people were spotted fondling a sheesha pipe and smoking. From the starters I choose Nachos Supreme and Stuffed Chicken Strips, which arrived after a lot of waiting. I loved every bite of the stuffed chicken which was equal measures crispy and well-flavoured, however, the nachos disappointed me a bit. The tortilla chips were a bit soggy and lacked the usual crunch, and the dressing was slightly bland. I had to ask the waiter for extra topping too, because it was less. Our company of four, ordered Moroccan Chicken and Chicken Sanizo from the main course and Supreme Pizza from their Pizza Specials. Moroccan Chicken is a safe main course in every eatery; but at Pranzo it was scrumptious. The consistency and flavour of the sauce was just right. I was very curious about the Sanizo dish because of its name, but I found the dish to be annoyingly ordinary; bland boneless chicken swathed in cheesy sauce tasted dry and off. It was Supreme Pizza which helped punch flavours in our meal; originally served with a combination of chicken tikka and malai boti we insisted our chef to improvise and omit the latter; and the result was delicious. Pickled jalapenos, steamed capsicum, onion olives and spicy peperoni delivered a spicy, flavourful punch to every bite. Our tongues were searing by the time we were done with pizza and badly needed a soothing dessert. We ended our dinner with a large slice of dark forest cake; which was a rich and fine delight.

TASTE 4 Stars

The only lowlight of the dinner was the experimental Sanizo, otherwise every main course ordered satiated our pang for spicy and well-flavoured chicken. On my next visit, I’d definitely aim for their seafood section.


During the lunch hour, Pranzo’s outdoor dining offers a lovely ambience, provided you don’t mind the heat. From evening, their fairy-light-lit, dark ambience makes it an ideal spot for a dinner date.


The eatery has a fleet of well-trained staff, eager to cater to every query. Except for some considerable waiting for the starters, the main courses arrived timely to our tables.


All dishes were aesthetically presented; sidelines neatly decorated on the sides of the pristine-white cutlery.


Like most upscale eateries, Pranzo may strike one as outrageously expensive. Basic entrées like Moroccan Chicken and Nachos were priced unreasonably high.