Our Actors Are Going Places - And They Mean Business!

When our own pretty babe, Mahira Khan sauntered into Googledom, without Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, so to say, the Googleplex ogled back! I imagine, may be, the next thing for Mahira could be the Google Doodle!

Huh! Aside from the wordy wobble, Mahira visited the Silicon Valley at a time when the other side of California was burning up bad! The forest fire had eaten up a huge area, and people were escaping on highways that were literally exploding on both margins. Still, Mahira represented Pakistan in these institutions as a UNHCR ambassador.

And just a few days before this, our man with the gift of the gab, Fakhr-e-Alam had returned after circling the globe in his own jahaz! No, no, shush! An aeroplane, no free travel. He was held up in Russia, for a while, before the visa was issued to him. Yep, the scarlet region called the Kremlin, where Snowden had also been kept waiting for an asylum! But, soon enough, the man known as a million-miles-per-minnit anchor, was back home, having hit the tarmac of various countries in a scintillating safar!

I really adore that cute doll from Bin Roye, Daldal, and Janan, Armeena Rana Khan, whose social work has taken her to Syria and England. Her glitzy exterior houses very soft innards, and whose loving heart moves her to charity work on different occasions. Though she isn’t working on TV or films these days, but she is still well-connected to the local biz world.

Time and again, our stars have shown they are sensitive and intelligent people, and their statements prove their vision is not just routine work, but they are truly concerned about key issues that trouble our globalised world!