New Drama Serials - Perspective!

Too quickly, I became a fan of Emad Irfani! The serial was Saya-e-Deewar Bhi Naheen, and the handsome model was playing the role of an inconsiderate and selfish person. Later, in Mah-e-Tamaam (M-e-T) and the on-going Tawaan, his performances lacked credence. Specially, in M-e-T, Emad failed to emote convincingly, and basically, just distorted his face, with melodrama upfront! In Tawaan, though, he has improved with some effort. Still, versatility is far far away!

Well, the so-called new serials have brought forth a few aspects. Last week, I mentioned Sanam Chaudhry, how she has come a long way. Come to think of it, charming Iqra Aziz has turned a few corners. Despite obvious talent, Iqra repeated herself in a boring serial, Ta’beer. Not her fault. But, in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (RRK), Iqra has a fuller field, and a good, sturdy outlook. After the aggressive emotionalism of Khamoshi, one expects her to excel in RRK. And the first two episodes are evidence enough. Not since Rubina Ashraf in Seerhiyan, has anybody attempted this kind of intellect in the role of a lower-class girl. Nit-picker, but book-lover girl. Oh, yes, scavenger, I mean to say!

I like some aspects of Tajdeed-e-Wafa (T-e-W), though too many leading men and women end up dying in our new serials. It’s becoming predictable now! Emad died in Woh Aik Pal, in the first episode. Hina Altaf died early in Tawaan; Imran Ashraf died in the first episode of Ta’beer; Ahmed Ali Akbar will die in T-e-W, and it looks like Azfar Rehman is headed the same way, in Aatish!

I am finding Baandi a serial, which could expose a new set of people, the nouveau riche. From the heartless wadera of Sindh to the newly rich, masked and crude populace of Karachi, there’s no big gulf. Basically, there’s only a difference of grades. It’s a well-thought out script, by Asma Nabeel, though over-reaction can be easily edited to make it a bit subtle, rather than too obvious! And the most tears have been shed on the drama channels by Aiman Khan! So much so that she creates a puddle every episode. She is a nice artiste, she has become a real Rondhoo Rani! You can’t call a young girl Malka-e-Jazbat!

Currently, the only light-hearted serial is Romeo Weds Heer, a good watch. But, I suspect it lacks symbolic fun, which was the vital ingredient of our classics like Zer Zabar Pesh, Kiran Kahani, Chhoti See Duniya etc. Such serials remain in the memory for long. At best, it could be a later chapter of Dolly ki Aaeygee Baraat!