New iPad Pro


Apple has defiantly continued to make a tablet – both the budget iPad that was refreshed in March, and the more productivity-friendly iPad Pro that was just released. The budget iPad is nice, but thanks to a few tricks, like Apple Pencil support, USB-C, and a great-looking display that can chew through any content thrown at it, the iPad Pro is better. This is the last great tablet.

It comes in either a 12.9-inch option that starts at $1,000, or an 11-inch option that starts at $800. The 11-inch device is easier to lug around as a tablet and hold in one hand. But if you draw a lot, the 12.9-inch version, with its larger canvas, might be preferable. They have the same 12MP camera on the back and True Depth module on the front for Portrait pics and Face ID. Both are powered by the same A12X Bionic chip, too.

The iPad Pro runs on iOS and you can’t test CPU-intensive applications like Blender, Adobe Premiere or Handbrake. The iPad is fast – but functionally, in most iPad tasks like gaming and comic book reading and watching movies, it doesn’t feel that much faster than the first-gen iPad Pro. The only improvement – performance wise – is in the wifi.

· The battery life is fantastic.

· It SEEMS fast. The wifi is significantly better than on previous iPad Pros.

· iOS keeps it from being better for productivity.

· But the expensive and terrible Smart Keyboard Folio is the real culprit.