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Marylin Monroe at the world premiere of Niagara in 1953

It was 63 years ago that 26 year old Marilyn Monroe

began filming of the movie, ‘Niagara’ on June 2, 1952. Until the movie was finished filming on June 18, it appeared Niagara took, ‘second billing’. All eyes were on Marilyn.

Manny Bailey, the then captain of the Maid of the Mist, once revealed, “She looked like an angel”.

When the “world premiere” occurred at the Seneca Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario on January 28, 1953 Niagara would never be the same. The scenic beauty of Niagara Falls would be seen by millions. Especially appealing were the scenes in the movie of Niagara Falls illuminated at night.

Niagara became one of the biggest movies of 1953 for Twentieth Century Fox, returning five times its investment of two million dollars in the first year release!


‘Shameless Proposals’ to tackle the enigma of forced/arranged marriages

Sadia Jabbar Productions, known for being versatile and unconventional with their choice of work, has announced their first web series ‘Shameless Proposals’ in collaboration with BVC media.

Written by the creative duo Saji Gul and Atlas and directed by Hunny Haroon, the web series explores the shallow and often cringe worthy practice of ‘hunting’ the right girl in our society. It elaborates the process of how well- educated, free thinking and independent girls are forced into arranged marriages. It will unwrap to discuss seven different stories of proposals.

With web series said to be the future of the entertainment industry, producer Sadia Jabbar shared her views, saying, “Television and films are mainly a platform for families but web series give you the power of standing up and voicing your opinion or highlighting the evils of society through entertainment and to not only change how entertainment is seen but also how it is perceived”.

Talking about the cast, Jabbar added that the web series is still in the initial stages of production. However, she promises to bring back some old gems of the industry and offer opportunities to newcomers.


Mantra on Deepika’s dupatta leaves everyone intrigued

Bollywood’s power couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh shared their wedding pictures and people couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful and happy the duo look. From the smiles on their faces and luxe jewellery to bride and groom’s outfits, fans took notice of even the tiniest details in the photos released.

The union took place at the scenic Villa Del Belbianello with around 30-40 close friends and family in attendance. The first ceremony followed as per Konkani rituals, while the second event was according to Sindhi traditions.

The bride and groom both wore Sabyasachi outfits. The designer shared the same pictures on his official Instagram handle.”Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) and Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) head-to-toe in Sabyasachi for their wedding in Lake Como, Italy. All of us at Sabyasachi wish the lovely couple all the very best for a wonderful and happy married life. Photo Courtesy: @errikosandreouphoto,” Sabyasachi wrote.

Deepika looked majestic dressed up as a Sindhi bride, and while everything about her looks was breathtaking, it’s her dupatta that left everyone intrigued.

The dupatta had “Sada Soubhagyavati Bhava” written on it, which made everyone curious to know what it meant. It translates as, ‘Have a blessed destiny always’. It is sweet to witness how both the families have blessed the couple beautifully. We cannot wait for more pictures and videos from the fairy tale wedding.



After receiving praise for her comeback role in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2, Sarwat Gilani now seems to be wanting to do more than just acting – and if her words are anything to go by, Sanam Saeed, Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh might be in on the plan as well.

Talking to Fifi Haroon for BBC Urdu, the actress explained how she and her contemporaries are planning to start a film collective, where stories and films will be made ‘on women, for women, and by women.’

“Aamina, Sanam, Mahira and I are friends and we’re on the same page mentally. We all want to do something for women,” Sarwat said. “We were speaking about making films on women, for women, by women. We are trying to break the stereotypical bounds and the roles given to women. It’s our responsibility to think for society and women. It is a difficult task because there’s not a lot of support.”

The actress also spoke about a need for a platform, where such ideas can be accepted.

“A platform is necessary. For example, Mehreen Jabbar has great ideas but no one gives her leeway to work on her great ideas,” she said. “So, we plan that we all have affluent friends so we (Sanam, Aamina, Mahira, and Sarwat) can ask them to invest. The plan is to at least make four films. Topics could be about men and women, but the initiative is to bring more women in filmmaking – from being behind the camera to being on set.


Junoon to perform live after 13 years

After their most anticipated reunion on TV screens after more than a decade of separation, the legendary Pakistani band Junoon is set to reunite in December and perform at a live concert.

At the beginning of August this year, music maestros and band members of Junoon, Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed were seen countless times together on social media.

The band was brought together after a decade and more of separation on TV for a special rendition of Junoon’s iconic patriotic song ‘Khudi ko ker Buland’ for 14th of August, the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan.

Although their return was met with a lot of fanfare in Pakistan, many people wanted to see Junoon live. Now their wish is going to come true. The team behind their television revival has confirmed Junoon will perform live at a concert in December.

The dates and venue of the concert have not been revealed but the excitement of seeing Junoon live after 13 long years have already left many Pakistanis with joy.