We know what it’s all about, but when did it all begin? Power dressing first took root in second half of the 1970s and developed in the 1980s. It is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment, traditionally dominated by men.

The influence of power dressing has come full circle in both western and eastern fashion; with actresses, models and female politicians and white-collar staff flaunting the style. It has made a sweeping wave to Pakistani fashion too, in the past years. Celebrities like Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Ayesha Omar and many more, taking a ubiquitous liking to the fashion form.

Here is how, you too, can cash on the ever-prevalent, power dressing style, with a few don’ts and dos in view.

Keep it easy on designer wear

It’s never recommended to dress head to toe in designer labels, an overall look which shouts ‘look at me!’ It can often become tacky and represents bad taste and will often misguide people about your true personality. Many experts also cite it as one factor that weakens your professional credibility making it appear shallow and loud with no substance. Remember, your clothes should underline and strengthen your image, but should never define it. Power dressing is less formal, more high-maintenance and much more confident.

Suit up

When the occasion presents itself to really show the art of power dressing, no matter what business you are in, wear a suit! When wearing the quintessential trouser suit, sub-principles MUST apply. Your suit must fit you like a glove so if it doesn’t fit quite right off the rails then I strongly advocate the odd bit of tailoring. Also buying a suit in a non-seasonal fabric allows you to wear it all year round!

Flats, midis and stilettos; all shoes are welcome

The idea that a woman has to wear heels in order to be taken seriously is outrageous and redundant. Well, most women would love buying themselves a pair of killer heels, but if a six-inch stiletto is going to cost your functionality, just skip it and slip into flats. No matter what the height of your shoe is as long as it is smart, scuff-free and polished and you’re good at your job, you are good to go. And let it be known that the right pair of flats can easily command a room in the same way heels can.

Being bold and italic

If you walk into a room and exude confidence then you have the hardest part of power dressing down! But if you walk into a room exuding confidence whilst wearing a bold colour or mixed patterns then I want to be you! Be comfortable throwing caution to the wind and play with patterns. Whether it be a monochromatic chevron, an elaborate floral or a simple stripe, mixing patterns or doubling up on them are a sure fire way to modernise your work gear. If you’re going to reach in and grab that bold hue, it is suggested to keep the individual item of clothing simple. With bold colours why not create that empowered look by adding a power colour to your lip or even an accessory.