#InkaarKaro Instilling Power To Say ‘No’

On a misty evening, Amin Gulgee Art Gallery was the venue for the cluster of entertainment industry’s prominent women. The reason, #InkaarKaro, a social initiative taken by none other than Angeline Malik who felt the need to raise voice against the suppression.

Call it a support initiative, social cause, a movement or a platform encouraging and empowering men and women to speak of abuse or suppression in any form, be it mental, emotional or physical.

Through #InkaarKaro, the participants hoped to spread awareness of defining, communicating and respecting personal boundaries/space – where a ‘No’ is not an inclination towards admission.

With #MeToo already in the limelight, there is a thin line between both the campaigns that people need to understand. #InkaarKaro is a step prior to the #MeToo with the former trying to make people strong enough to recognise and say ‘No’ to abuse initially so they can put a stop to it before they become a victim.

#InkaarKaro encourages people to have a voice by giving them a safe haven to share their stories of abuse without any judgmental thoughts. The platform recognises and encourages those who have been affected to seek help and therapy in order to understand that the shame is not theirs to own. It aims to bring to light the kinds of suppression and abuse our society allows to slip into the shadows in the name of honour and shame and in turn the damage it does to a person.

With prominent public figures and celebrities onboard, #InkaarKaro is a nationwide movement empowering all people to stand up courageous and protect their right to speak. – Editor