CHARACTER OF THE MONTH - A brief chat with Sahir from Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Played very convincingly by the brilliant actor, Syed Jibran, the mysterious character of Sahir has been making a very strong impression on viewers.

What made you say yes for the role of Sahir?

The script. Once I read it I was convinced that this is the character I want to play. I played the role of Sahir because I wanted to challenge myself. First and foremost was the script and then the director, Kashif Nisar.

What makes Sahir different than the characters you have played so far?

The mystery surrounding the character is what makes it different than what I have done before. Sahir has a very complex personality. He is impulsive and shrouded with mystery. The mysterious nature of the character was what I wanted to explore.

You appeared you to be deeply immersed in the character. From expressions in your eyes to the pauses you take in between the dialogues, everything is just immaculate, as if you are giving your 100 percent. Any specific reason for this?

All of this is just a part of the acting school I belong to [Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, Mumbai] where I was taught how to work on the character; the body language, the mannerisms, dialogue delivery, everything. Before playing any character I make a certain image of it in my mind. So, automatically it helps me adapting to the demands of a certain role.

Sahir, being the son of a masjid’s imam, is brought up in a very strict environment. Once grown up, he is taking every step with a plan and in a very calculated way. So, such types of characters are not very restless or erratic, they need a very calm and composed approach. That is what I have brought to the character of Sahir and that is what I was taught while I was doing my diploma in acting.

How the actor in Jibran has evolved while playing Sahir?

Well, he has definitely evolved a lot under the supervision of very crafty director, Kashif Nisar. Kashif has uncovered so many aspects of my acting skills that even I was surprised to find. The calmness in my character is what I had been missing in most of plays that I did before. It was something that I found in Lahore.

How the character of Sahir will transform in the upcoming episodes?

I can’t reveal much, but Sahir will show his true colours very soon and people will get to know his motives and intentions. That part is actually the mystery and I want to hold it back because I want my audience to explore it while watching the play.

Who was your fave co-star on the sets?

I had a blast working with Iqra and Imran. We had a lot of fun.

Are you still shooting? What is that one thing that attracts you the most to the sets of the project?

We have wrapped up the shooting and the one thing that attracted me the most was Lahore; it was pleasant, it was beautiful and it was fantastic. Experiencing Lahore after 8 long years and shooting for this project was a memorable experience.