Quote of the Quack!

Every week! Literally, every week, this Trump chap opens his mouth, and blurts out a quote! These days, his ticklish words are making the rounds, which he dropped where he stood! Yes, in Paradise, California! Remember, he was monitoring the situation of the devastating fires in the state. But, it wasn’t the state, but the statement that made the news!

“I want great climate. We are going to have that!” he said. Phew! Is he a spiritual person, or a great saint of the 20th century that he is ordering the elements?

Well, he is really a queer fellow. But, I can tell you, lots of politicians and bureaucrats, and military leaders have been impossible characters in their times. But, so stupid? Now, that’s something else altogether!

I specially recall our senior chief minister, Qaim Ali Shah, denying the claims of local journalists that children are dying in Thar due to hunger! “Please, know your facts before you write. I myself investigated this in Thar,” he shook his head, smilingly. “They are not dying due to hunger. They are dying due to extreme poverty!”

On this utterance, some of the journalists stood up in collective dejection, closed their notebooks and pocketed their mobiles, and walked away, shaking their heads! – by Zullu