Ranjha Ranjha Kardi - Shafts of Light!

How practice and observation polishes a sapphire! Iqra Aziz proves this point beyond doubt in the most followed serial, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (RRK)!

Iqra acts well to the best of her abilities as a street commoner, who loves all idle class values, and gets education with a vengeance. Her family of scavengers do not get any sympathy from her.

After quite a while, any drama channel has come up with such a realistic serial as RRK, and you can immediately see that all artistes are performing par excellence. With a striking script from Faiza Iftikhar, and an overall brilliant direction by Kashif Nisar, all artistes show no made-up expressions. Most of them appear as they are, with natural gestures, and no added flavours!

In this context, Imran Ashraf stumps you with his brilliance. Before the serial went on air, its publicity shots made me shake my head. ‘Once again a psycho kid?’ I thought to myself. It looked tardy, out of context, though I was impressed by the settings. Yet, when Imran Ashraf appeared on the screen, he stumped me with his brilliant work. This guy picks the most difficult role, and does justice to it. He has a great future due to his commitment.

Two more to be really appreciated are Syed Jibran and Noorul Hasan. I’d observe that this is the most natural job from Jibran in his career. Noorul Hasan has gone from strength to strength in his drama file.

Glued to the screen!