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You’ve heard, haven’t you, about the huge spending in their marriage celebrations by Muneeb Butt, and Aiman Khan. Some people are furious on the Internet, some suggesting ‘instead give it to the dam!’ Thank God nobody opined to celebrate the marriage on the dam! If the calls for cutting the expenditure were to be heeded, it would be a headline worth reading: One-dish marriage on Bhasha Dam, at 15,000 cusecs! Here, nobody would complain ke paisa pani kee tarah bahaya gaya!

By the way, Momina Mustehsan has tried to sing her side of Ko Ko Korina again in order to right a ‘wrong’. She probably thought it was a mustehsan iqdam, but trolls came back with a vengeance! As you know, a Sindhi singer, on a self-installed ‘Goth Studio’, sang the film hit of the 60’s. The fact is that the avid fans, including Shireen Mazari, plead ke Korina ko ab karo hee na!