A birthday card delivered to heaven

  • 08 Dec - 14 Dec, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A seven-year-old British boy, Jase, is assured by a kind Royal Mail staff member through a letter that his birthday card was delivered to his dad in heaven.

Jase Hyndman and his sister lost their father four years ago and always mark his birthday at this time of year. This year, Lothian decided to send a birthday card, with a special request to the postman.

He wrote on the envelope: "Mr postman, can you take this to Heaven for my dad's birthday, thanks."

A little while later, he received a letter from Royal Mail's Sean Milligan to say the card had been delivered safely. “I just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you about how we succeeded in the delivery of your letter, to your dad in Heaven, avoiding stars and other galactic objects on route.”

Jase's mother Teri Copland said her son has been "overwhelmed" and "emotional". "Royal Mail, you've restored my faith in humanity."