Letters To The Editor

“You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Wedding grandeur for the elite

We all see celebrity weddings doused in extravagance with a number of events that cannot be counted on one hand. This, inevitably sets unreasonable goals and desires for the middle class. With bills being passed in certain provinces about reducing wedding expenditures to a minimum set by the government, plus regulations about how such events must have a deadline of wrap-up time, nothing is being done to enforce them on the elite class. Authorities need to enforce them on all the social classes, without bias and have stricter check on lack of adherence.

Ayesha Noor,

Shelter for the homeless

It is the utmost obligation of the State to fully take care of underprivileged people of the society and those doing so are known as the welfare states. The idea of a welfare state was imported by Islam, but it is lamentable that our government has forgotten to actually give the homeless people basic shelter. In our country some programs were launched in the past aimed at building a social safety net, but still we are far away from being called a welfare state and endeavors are required whilst rising above rhetoric to bring visible change in the life of people. It is the responsibility of our state to start a proper welfare project and such programs that would be helpful for the needy.

Sehar Izhar,

Tough academic curriculum

Syllabi and textbooks by some private education institutions is apparently being overlooked by the authorities. The specific and very critical area I want to highlight is overburdening the innocent children with heavy syllabus. Resultantly, only some intelligent children, who are usually in limited numbers, can cope with and grasp the difficult syllabus of a higher level, while most average students feel difficulty in understanding it. This also causes different kinds of stresses and complications for them as they fall into complexes vis-à-vis their intelligent class fellows. Educational regulatory bodies need to come forward to address this issue.

Zainab Waheed,

Small number bringing big shame

Quick data poll will reveal that Pakistan is amongst one of the countries that invests least in terms of social security, education and healthcare. Despite state-of-the-art facilities available in the country, most can only be afforded by the elite or the middle-class (by accumulating serious debts). The upper class has a national responsibility towards the unfortunate class which is very easily ignored. There needs to be a forum where the upper class can directly help the needy class even if the government cannot pave a channel.

Taha Iqbal,