Lady of The Ring! - Mil Jaey ga!

Oh well, after all it’s a world of make-belief! So, is ka kya rona. Everything is a bubble of water. Sab maya hai, bavey, as the poet, Ibn-e-Insha ne farmaya hai!

Those who say the industry is kaput, better listen to this news. A new film actress of Lollywood, busy shooting in the studios, which are veeran these days, pirouetted and jumped and played gymnastic to such an extent that during this circus, her qeemti angoothi just flew from her oil-applied finger, and disappeared in some time portal!

The supposedly new star is Kainat Rana and the ring she has lost was worth Pandra Lakh! No, no, no, not Pandra from Bandra. She had bought it for Rs 15 lakh! And naturally, she is now inconsolable!

Shush, shush! Don’t be sad. After all, it wasn’t the only ring in whole Kainat!

This news, by the way, was obtained from Manga Mandi. Symbolism ko samjhein Kainat Rana jee! Ab tak to chor us angoothi se mang patta bhi khel chuke honge!