Some Points to Note - Sunk, But Surfacing!

After a most repetitive story, and hackneyed clichés (though earning top ratings, can you imagine!), Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooqui, in the last three episodes of Main Khayaal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka, performed so well that it made me forget all the trouble I had to go through following the serial.

The same almost happened to Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai (ADKKKH)! After so much suspense, the serial suddenly turned on its head, when main protagonist, Danish Taimoor was sent careening into a time dilation. The serial went into a reverse spiral with episodes sucked into a recall mode! It’s as if Shoaib Akhter took a full run up, at 101mph, and then stopped before delivering the ball!

It hit the audience in the centre of the peshani!

Still, later episodes made amends, and the avidly-followed serial is back on track. But, others may not surface after sinking, as Tawan is proving. Lamhay, has, at least entertained a sparkling change due to Shaz Khan getting lovey dovey with Zara Abbas. Another one, I must admit, Baba Jani doesn’t keel over because of the all-purpose man, Faisal Q. Such sincerity, such fidelity. Can you say with surety that he is the same man, who is filling up the wehshi in Haiwaan? Brilliant, indeed. Saba Parvez is at her best, but Jinan, definitely, has improved manifold. She shows her potential. Adeela is doing okay, and Madeeha, the pop-show host of the past truly wins with her inherent masoomiyat, which is so cute.

Now about the talented comic and mimic, Shafa’at Ali! The otherwise laugh riot is now coming to terms with TV drama! In Romeo weds Heer, Shafa’at bhai ko aatey daal ka bhao pata chal gaya! He is acting overly in quite a few scenes, while he seems to be missing a true respondent! Other comics aren’t of his caliber, while Safina is also not doing too well. I am sure the dialogues are the key problem.