New Film Girls - The Next Step!

Judges all over the world are off the mark these days! The Eastern Eye panel that placed Mahira Khan on No. 4 of Asia’s Most Sexiest Women, must replace the adjective with ‘attractive’.

There’s a lot of difference between ‘sexiest’ and ‘attractive.’ Mahira Khan is too graceful to be called ‘sexy’. In Urdu, ‘sexiest’ is translated as ‘purkashish’, that means ‘attractive.’ Sexy would be Priyanka Chopra, which she has been selected as. Mahira is the most beautiful Pakistani lead, but sexy is a matter of degrees at oomph temperature!

Well, it’s an honour for the Captain and country! Mahira has been out and about. With that visit to the Google and Facebook headquarters, then her celebrity shoot at Shalamar Garden, in Lahore, and now a days, her next movie is in the works. She’s doing great.

But, no drama serials, at all! No other biz commitments. Except commercials that just rain on her, because of her looks, of course. Most film girls are treading the same ramp! Maya, once again, is attracting ads like anything. But, her next serial is not forthcoming in 2019. Even Sohai and Sana Javed are doing ikka dukka serials. Mehwish Hayat, too, is appearing in more commercials than serials.

Talking of Mehwish Hayat, what a stunning prospect for international advertisements. In the recent commercials she has starred in, she fits the bill like a diamond in a silk turban! Specially, her rise to the top in a Chinese kimono was astounding. Moreover, the way she delivers the punchlines has finesse written all over it! She sure looks like gunning for a prosperous modelling career!