Instagram's Testing Side-Scrolling Feed View


Instagram is testing a new, side-scrolling format for regular feed viewing. This option is very similar to its Stories. This option seems to further align with the growing popularity of the stories layout there's not a lot to go on at this stage, but the side-swiping process could be optional, enabling users to either stick with what they know and love, or move to an Instagram fully aligned with the horizontal option. That's a significant shift for the app, and if it will go around easily with the users, it might stay for good.

YouTube Adds Auto-play Videos on the Home Tab

The digital video leader has announced that YouTube videos on its home tab in both Android and iOS apps will now autoplay, muted and with captions. The feature called “Autoplay on Home,” which will help you preview videos and watch YouTube on-the-go without audio. This feature has been available for over half a year for YouTube Premium members on Android, and now they have rolled out the feature for every user. Previewing videos helps you make more informed decisions about whether you want to watch a video, leading to longer engagement with videos you choose to watch.