Letters To The Editor

“Heaven knows what seeming nonsense may not tomorrow be demonstrated truth.” – Alfred North Whitehead

Killing of the stray dogs

While there is no denying the threat stray dogs pose to humans, the brutal killing of these animals is still unjustified. Last week many stray dogs were mercilessly killed in our housing society Soan Garderns, in the capital. This operation was done in collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA). The incident was celebrated on social media as if the CDA had successfully eliminated a crime! The issue could have been easily resolved by contacting animal welfare departments where these dogs could have been provided refuge rather than be killed. I request the animal welfare to kindly look into the matter and take strict action.

Meeras Ahsan,

Need of emergency lanes

The dire need of emergency lanes is consistently ignored in Pakistan. The blaring sound of ambulance sirens are studiously neglected by people on the roads, as they get on with their daily lives, without any consideration for humanity. All drivers are waiting for the other on the road to give way to the ambulances. This pitifully results in ambulances getting stranded in traffic jams with patients in them; many of them never make it to the hospital alive. The government should take notice of this and build emergency lanes for these vehicles, so that we will no longer live in a world where humanity doesn’t matter.

Armeena Junaid,

Call to improve the transportation system

As more and more car assembly plants are finding their place in Pakistan, they bring with it an influx of more private vehicles on our already-choked roads. It is a request to the planning authorities to address the logic behind allowing more cars and motorcycles instead of improving the public transport system. Do we actually need more cars as opposed to an improved transportation system? With the roads already clogged with bumper-to-bumper traffic, can we actually accommodate more vehicles of the sort? It is time our planners brought more buses on the roads and introduced mass transit schemes in all large cities.

Farzana Quireshi,

City off lights

There are a few areas in the city that sport solar panels in the street light poles, namely the route to Hawke’s Bay Beach. But all of the solar panels in these poles have been taken down or more aptly put, ‘looted’, by civilians. We all know how switching to sustainable energy sources is important, now more than ever, and the smallest initiative of change is compromised by petty looters. The authorities should address this subject by increasing safeguards on this and also educate the masses by running public service messages on the need of this initiative.

Sherdil Khan,