Style trans-formations are not considered too bizarre in Tinseltown anymore; it’s a very happening place indeed. There is plenty room for everyone to spruce up their style game (gradually or speedily) with a plethora of brand endorsements available at hand and with designers generously throwing their precious garbs at a celebrity’s disposal. And as for physical appearances, it is not uncommon to take the Botoxed route.

But before social media took full power, before endorsements and barters with the designers could advent, were our favourite celebrities always the fashion icon, we know them today as?

Not always.

One such transformation was Sohai’s; which is much like a butterflying breaking through the chrysalis. Sohai is no is no stranger to the big-screen. After a string of appearances in drama serials, the starlet hitched her horse to cinematic releases like, ‘Wrong No.’, ‘JPNA’ and the much loved latest, ‘Motorcycle Girl’.

How has her style sense fared since her first introduction to the showbiz? We find out.

2012 Modest beginnings

With her high-school girl naivety, cheerful disposition and ever-ready grin, Sohai’s journey in dramatic ventures began with serials like Manjali and Saat Pardun Mein. With her basic-brown mane set unloose and unstyled, the actress gives us the quintessential ‘seedhi saadhi' and modest vibe.

Apparently, chiffon sleeves and banarsi pattis were quite the fashion trend then. We are glad, it’s all of the yesteryear fashion and never to return!

2013 East to West shifts

Remember the drama Khoya Khoya Chand starring the then toothy-Maya Ali and Sohai, with its catchy OST song? The same grinning girl, with her frame draped modestly in dupatta, Sohai has us reeling. It’s difficult not to be disarmed by her innocence.

Freshly after her first telefilm Anjuman alongside Imran Abbass, Ahsan Khan and Sarah Loren, the young Sohai embarked on a change from modest fashion. This shift of paradigms and opting for westernised attire may have overwhelmed the star at first. And this questionable layered top and the seemingly henna-dyed hair provide a tell-tale proof.

2014 Enroute to stardom (and finally fashionable)

Spreading her wings to take bigger flights in the industry, the actress is seen to have evolved, dropping some baby-fat on the way. Ditching her toothy, too-eager grin for a more dramatic, mature resting face. The plain barely-there makeup has too evolved into a full-face of blush and done eyes.

Here is Sohai, looking sublime and beauteous in a traditional sari at Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan’s wedding. We love how the gold embellished hot-pink sari is bringing out the glow in the actress, who choose to keep her makeup minimal.

2015 Girl Next door to Talk-of-the-Town

The year proved to be a game-changer for the starlet and came with a promise of big picture success with the release of Wrong No. and JPNA. With the promotions and film shenanigans came the much-needed fashion upheaval in her life. And let’s face it, a good stylist goes a long way in making you appear effortlessly chic. And Sohai just had the right ones; Tabesh Khoja from Nabila’s, Sana Hafeez Sheikh and Mohsin Tawasuli from Sana Safinaz; the star was reborn.

Rocking a psychedelic outfit, here, Sohai sports a bold brow, smudged out eye-liner, a hot pink lipstick and statement accessories. 

2018 A Star is (re)born

After a two year hiatus from the industry at large, Sohai was brought back on the forefront with the biopic release Motorcycle Girl. Her comeback was much celebrated, as was her impeccable fashion roundup.

Born to be a cover girl, Sohai turns up the heat in a fiery red top paired with snug pants. Her statement earrings add cherry on the beautifully-furnished look!

Up next, the starlet is clad in a stripped pale-blue off-shoulder top and jeans for an interview with MAG this year, acing daytime, effortless chic!