The Five


Dogs is about how deeply humans bond with dogs and dogs with the beings. In the first episode, a little girl gets a service dog that’s been trained to detect her epileptic seizures and sound the alarm. An informative and touching series! 


The megastars embraced their rockier side on 2015’s Wilder Mind, and they continue the trend on this new album. Delta fuses rich, pop-friendly sounds guided by acclaimed Adele producer Paul Epworth with the band’s tangy roots on tracks like ‘Beloved.’

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The second Beasts movie distracts us with fewer exotic species. The light-fingered niffler is still allowed to steal a few scenes and gives freer rein to J.K. Rowling’s knack for stirring up storm clouds of apocalyptic menace. Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) heads to Paris to stop the evil Grindelwald (Johnny Depp, speaking with an unsettling hiss that sounds like an auto-tuned python). It’s the supporting cast that carries this particular bag of tricks: Zoe Kravitz, as the troubled Leta Lestrange, suggests a panting, feverish mix of romance and doom rare in Potter world. 

Escape at Dannemora

This intense mini-series, directed with a note perfect sense of time and place by Ben Stiller, is about a famous prison escape from 2015. Inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat (Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano) relied on the help of Tilly Mitchell, an amorous employee at the facility. Lovesick, dumb, frowsy, she’s played by Patricia Arquette, looking at times like Mia Farrow stuck in a season of Fargo. 

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

Ellen DeGeneres is back in the standup comedy genre with her Netflix comedy special, Relatable. Ellen is probably the only person in the world that you just can’t hate and not because she throws big, expensive gifts at her audience on her morning show, but because she is literally sugar, spice and everything nice. Jammed packed theatres and hitting the stage, Ellen will take you on a laughter cruise on how NOT relatable she is and we’ll laugh anyway. Her coming back to the standup comedy scene has us on our toes with the popcorn ready and everything.