• 22 Dec - 28 Dec, 2018
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Hotel Maria Cristina,  San Sebastián, Spain

Since opening in 1912, the restored Hotel Maria Cristina has been closely linked to the history and cultural life of San Sebastian. Decorated in a sophisticated palette of greys and white, the rooms are a quiet haven of luxury, style, technology and a dazzling range of services which, combined, make for an unforgettable stay. 

Numerous in-room amenities have been carefully selected to provide our guests with an unmatched degree of ease. Each room is spacious, authentic, and elegant, offering the singular opportunity to truly experience the culture of San Sebastian.

Looking out over the Urumea River and Victoria Eugenia Theater, Hotel Maria Cristina’s restaurant outlets offer top-tier service in an enchanting atmosphere. Around town, the colourful flavours of Basque cuisine waft through the stone streets. In reverence to the region’s fresh flavours, restaurants combine their seasonal á la carte menus – crafted according to daily market produce – with classic fresh fish and meat dishes.

Discover Dry Bar, a sophisticated space where you can enjoy afternoon tea, classic and signature cocktails, and a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas or main courses.

A gastronomic paradise, the 16 Michelin starred city offers not only fine dining, but also local cuisine including renowned carveries and cider houses, and the celebrated specialty, pintxos: small portions of food served at bars for tapas or snacks. To taste them in their authentic environs, head to San Sebastian’s Casco Viejo.

Villa Magalean Spa

The Spa Henriette offers a sensual experience, an intimacy between you and the water evoked through an ancestral journey that recalls the baths of classical antiquity.

The design is very modern, the facilities high quality and efficient. The entirety is suggestive of a warm, protective and special haven. The hammam, exfoliation table, experience shower combining aromatherapy and light therapy,

and sauna are brought together to create unforgettable, addictive moments of pure bliss.

Finally, the infusion bar offers a refreshing and relaxing note; a suspension of time before your care treatments begin.

Surrender yourself to our care treatments, let attentive hands untangle your tensions and revive your energies. Allow yourself a pause, a benevolent silence, let yourself be carried away by the subtle fragrance of oils and ointments.

A partner of the finest spas, Cinq Monde, is an essential part of the Spa Henriette, whose values it shares. Enjoy a unique and refined experience while using excellent and efficient products which preserve nature and its resources.

Facial and body treatments; head, body and foot massages; the wellness rituals of the world have made an appointment at the Spa Henriette. Cinq Mondes products enhance an experience to be repeated over and over again.