Babar Ali Threatened!

It’s odd to note that while all the actors of Lollywood gradually adjusted to the small screen after the film industry’s depletion, somehow, Babar never really felt at home after his return.

Of course, the current crisis in his life and career has nothing to do with that peculiar situation. This time, Babar had bravely decided to work in a serial that was dealing with a controversial religious issue. When the serial went on air, he started receiving death threats from some unknown people. He confided that he was also being followed in his everyday events. Therefore, Babar Ali went through a period of agony, and when he felt too disturbed by these things, he decided to leave for the States.

It’s a fact that Babar was working in ikka dukka serials only. I saw some episodes of his PTV serial with Sania Saeed and Faisal Qureishi, titled Oas. As against his typically aggressive and loud invective in films, Babar delivered softly and sensitively in this serial. I liked his work in it, though the story wasn’t too great. But, against a very experienced artiste like Sania, he did much better than before. Sadly, the problem is that he courageously opted to act in a story based on religion. One can understand that those elements that have been brought up in the extreme atmosphere of Zia-ul-Haq’s regime, react violently regarding religion-based productions. Thus, Babar had to disappear from the scene.

Babar’s return to TV never went well. You know he made his debut on PTV with Labbaik, where he did the role of Mohammad bin Qasim, a part of Islamic religious history. People, who were looking forward to a new actor with promise were struck dumb, when Babar suddenly jumped to offers from Lollywood. His torrid love affair with Reema stunned the populace. After many years in Lahore, Babar lost his acting caliber, and finally, had to return to the tube. But, he failed to adjust to TV now, though Saud, Rambo, Saheba, Sangeeta, Momy Rana, Sana, Resham, Nisho, Arbaz Khan, Babrak Shah, Bahaar Begum, Habib, and others were able to settle down on TV. I hope Babar Ali passes through this difficult phase with himmat and istiqlal.