Farhan Saeed - On Love & Marital Bliss

  • 22 Dec - 28 Dec, 2018
  • Ambreen Asim
  • Interview

Ever since his foray into dramas, Farhan Saeed has become force to reckon with. He is smart, eloquent and an actor with right expressions… not more or less than the required dose.

Of late, the ace musician has been in and out of celebrity news ever since his marriage with Urwa Hocane who he fell in love with after an accidental meeting at a party. In this interview, taken as part of the couple’s second wedding anniversary celebrations, [Urwa could not reply to the queries for some unknown reasons], Farhan talked about the camaraderie that he shares with Urwa Hocane and all things love. Read on…

How did you guys meet?

We met at a party at a mutual friend’s place.

What was the first thing that attracted you towards her?

The first thing and that one thing I love most about her is her straightforwardness and honesty. In a world full of people with so many faces, she’s really herself, with her in-your-face attitude. Even though people do not like that all the time, I love that about her.

In what ways your life has changed ever since the marriage?

To be honest my life has changed entirely. I am more focused, organised and disciplined now! Since our marriage, there have been some great things happening to me.

How do you define your relationship?

Friendship. To be together as a couple you need to be friends with your partner and your relationship will work. You need to be honest with each other. You should look out for each other and protect each other, just like friends do.

How has your relationship evolved over a period of time?

We have become best friends over time – luckily for us! We can’t get enough of each other be it spending time together, watching movies, laughing on the same jokes, anything.

In your opinion, what is the key to a successful relationship?

Like I said, be great friends. Guide each other, understand each other, love each other. If there’s something not right with your partner, call it out. Communicate! Talk!

Who is a typical life partner in both of you?

Neither! We are both far from being ‘typical’ and I think we’re both unpredictable at times. That is what makes it interesting at times.

Who is more romantic or more expressive with feelings?

I like to think I am the more romantic one – I don’t know what Urwa would have to say about that.

In what ways do you think you two complement each other?

She complements me in each and every way. She gives me strength wherever I feel it’s lacking. And I complement her because different people have different strengths and weaknesses. When two people come together, they’re supposed to complete each other. And that’s what it is for us.

Who fights over little things and who ignores most of the time?

I ignore stuff mostly. For men, most things have little or no value. It’s not like Urwa fights but as compared to men, women look at things a little more seriously.

What are some of the things that you do differently than the other couples in the fraternity?

I think we don’t compare ourselves to anyone! The fraternity doesn’t matter here because we’re just like any other couple. We have a lot in common, we share everything.

How do you deal with rumours about each other?

Thankfully we don’t have that problem! If we hear things we laugh it off together. Urwa and I are way too connected to each other for there to be room for any rumours. Touch wood!

You two have worked together in Udari. How does working together bring out the best in each of you?

Udari was a great project to do together. Naturally, the chemistry between us was phenomenal. It wasn’t even acting. It was just the vibe between us. People were really rooting for us from that point on.

Any projects you are both working on currently or are such projects in the works?

Yes, there are a number of projects for which we’re both reading scripts, and if we find something interesting our fans will be the first to know!

How do you spend your weekends?

Weekends are mostly for Netflix. We love to watch movies together. I think it’s a healthy exercise. It even helps build a common intellect or sense of humour. If not, find a common ground!

How do you describe each other’s style?

We both try to keep it natural and whatever we are comfortable with. We don’t believe in having to go out of our skins to experiment. People should stick to what they feel comes naturally to them.

How has your style evolved since being together?

It’s just that we take suggestions from each other and listen to what we think of anything that the other is going with. One honest piece of advice really goes a long way.

Do you travel together? Where did you go for your honeymoon and how it helped understanding each other?

We went to Mauritius for our honeymoon. We love to travel together! For gigs or shoots or anything. We’ve been all over Europe together. I believe, travelling together gives a lot of beautiful experiences and they say there is no better way to get to know someone than to travel with them. So couples should definitely travel together. A lot!

What is on your goal board for 2019, work-wise and family wise?

We obviously want to do great things together. We share our goals and we want to achieve big things for ourselves and for our country. And family wise, we intend on staying just as we are, for now.•