The Winter Is Pink

  • 22 Dec - 28 Dec, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Maybe you're not a huge fan of traditional holiday makeup colours, or maybe you just don't want to risk looking cheesy. We don't blame you – because, honestly, do you bring out the green-and-red-tone palette any time other than the holidays? – but luckily, the trend popping up everywhere right now is pink and rose-tone eye shadow, is acting as the base for some of the year's most festive winter beauty looks. Just add glitter, and you're ready for your next holiday party.

Bring back the ’80 make-up bling

When it comes to beauty looks that have been championed by celebs, models, bloggers and the like as of late, there's one that stands above the rest. As someone who wishes she could see everything with a rosy disposition, the 2018 pink eye shadow trend is the favourite new beauty look for both its edgy-sweet appeal and ’80s-inspired look. Taking shape in many different ways, from smudged neon liners to glitter-laden lids, it's certainly not subtle. But then again, would you want it to be?

Doll up like Mehwish Hayat this winter!

Load Wedding star Mehwish Hayat is easily amongst Pakistan’s most-loved actresses. Her ace acting game aside, the starlet has emerged as a fashion icon and trend setter for the masses. When she’s not thrilling us with her acting prowess on the big screen, she is out and about wooing us with an impeccable style sense. That being said, we fashion enthusiasts are always on our toes to steal any style tips the actress might slip. Lo and behold, recently Hayat took to instagram with her makeup tutorial for easy winter glam. Maliha J Khan who is Bollywood actress, Nargis Fakhri’s makeup artist, teamed up with Mehwish to get her an easy winter-glam makeup look.

Here is looking at the product breakdown and application process to glam up like Mehwish.

· Moisturise and prime your skin first. Using an orange colour corrector stick to cover the dark and pigmented areas of your face. The area around the upper and lower lip and under eye usually need more coverage. Blend thoroughly. Also be cautious with the shade of orange you pick, too darker a shade will be difficult to blend and will show through your foundation.

· Proceed with a concealer and cover the areas where you have colour corrected using an orange corrector. Next, highlight your face (your T-zone, forehead and chin).

· For added hydration, spray your face with a facial mist. This will help blend the make-up and keep it dewy.

· Spray your beauty blender with some facial mist and get hold of your foundation. Don’t go overboard and swathe your skin in a lot of it, but apply small drops and blend it out in sections.

· Dab on some glittery eyeshade on the apex of your eyes to warrant that glinting glow to the eye! Proceed with a winged eyeliner.

· Dust some blush and bronzer on the apples of your cheek. Add a swath of highlighter to your cheekbones for a dewy finish.

· If you wish to define your jawline like Mehwish does, pick up a generous amount of loose or translucent powder on a blender and press it smoothly over the area under your cheekbones and above your jawline. Let the powder sit for a minute or more and gently dust it away with a fluffy brush. The result would be a clean-cut contour and sharp features.

· Apply a subtle, pretty shade of pink on your lips!

Slay it like Selena Gomez!

For this year’s Met Gala, Selena Gomez surprised with the most unexpected look. We often see her with neutral makeup, nude lips, and soft eye shadow look. Her makeup artist Hung Vanngo created a bold neon cat-eye look that stole attention on the red carpet. At first Hung thought about minimalistic makeup for Selena, but he changed his mind when he accidentally found a bold pink eyeliner in his collection. He finished off the look with a glossy lip and soft pink cheek.