Samsung to Lose Headphone Jack


Launching soon, the Galaxy A8s, will be the first jack-less smart phone by Samsung. This, in addition, to the A9, which was announced to have four cameras on the back, raising the question in the back of our heads that why exactly will we need more than one camera anyway. This is in line with the company’s strategy of adding high-end features in mid-range devices. What’s left to see is if the company will branch out to other series, namely Note and S, and continue to eliminate the headphones jack in future models. Because let’s face it. Wireless is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially the crowd that doesn’t like change. With Huawei, OnePlus and more giving into the competition, Samsung was one of the last tech giants to stick with the headphone jack. We wonder how it will be received but that is something only time will tell.

Alexa can now connect you with local businesses

Alexa, all new and improved, was able to fetch opening hours and contact information of local businesses since earlier this year and soon enough, it will be making phone calls for you. We saw Google Assistant do that but this may not be as advanced as that, programmed to have entire conversations on your behalf. This new update will also be able to automatically stop music after a certain period of inactivity, so no more drained battery after you fall asleep with music on and earphones plugged. Other features are also going to be included in this update so just make sure that you keep your phone updated if you want to avail the new changes made to Alexa.