Aamir Liaquat behind Sanam Baloch’s fall

Aamir Liaquat’s recent appearance with her second wife on Sanam Baloch’s show has made the whole audience upset for so many reasons; his flamboyant flirtations with Sanam [Baloch], Aamir’s off-the-hook suggestion about his third marriage with the host, the constant grilled of his first Bushra as to why she does not accept his second marriage and what not. The show was a show of the couple’s rather cheap gestures and everything that a sane mind finds it difficult to digest.

Things took to ugly turn in the last five minutes when Baloch and Liaquat tried everything to put blame on Bushra for creating troubles for her husband; from not accepting the marriage to making the children stand against him. He went on to reveal how nicely he is dealing with the situation while providing his first family with bread and butter and even the Internet connection so that the children can Tweet against him.

When the Daastan star asked Liaquat about why his first wife didn’t accept the second marriage.

“You are a Islamic scholar. You’ve studied religion. Your kids have been brought up by you in the similar environment. Bushra bhabhi have also studied Islam. It’s not like you have committed a sin. Why hasn’t she accepted your marriage?”

And Liaquat’s response was definitely uncalled for.

“You answered your own question. She didn’t study Islam,” he asserted while adding malignant comments, saying, “Studying religion and studying it for a degree are two entirely different things.”

Baloch then referred to a tweet by Liaquat’s daughter regarding Tuba.

“Children do not tweet on their own,” said Liaquat to which Baloch responded, “I got your point.”

We are in a fix now if we can call Baloch a sensible host. Who on Earth, would stoop that low maligning a woman for not accepting the second marriage of her husband. Such feelings are considered to be very personal and exploiting those only to get some good ratings does not fall into the category of ‘ethics’. Sanam, you disappoint your fans here, big time!