Old-world Elegance

Long sweeping attires and desi maxis have made a comeback again to the fashion realm, owing to the first gusts of chilly winds of the season. Modest fashion never looked so magnificent and this time it has come with resplendent sheen of regality and royalty. The bodice of the attire is a majestic work of thread embroidery and gold embellishments, in old-world designs which carry the lingering scent of generations past. Thread embroidery and gold woven floral patterns adorning the garb entail a traditional charm which instantly clicks with the eastern-lover in all of us. The jewel-tones hues of bottle green, burnt orange, royal blue, silver and magenta serves as beautiful backdrops and fabric for eastern fusion embellishments. The silhouettes of the maxis are kept unsophisticated and conventional, with pleated fabric cascading into voluminous skirts. What adds profound grace to the grand attires is the gold threaded and embossed dupatta with bold borders and traditional patterns. Enhance the luxe beauty of desi maxis by adorning jhumkas and chunky rings; don’t hold back on the bling here.