Emraan Hashmi is ready to Cheat India

Taking a break from his image of a serial kisser, Emraan Hashmi, as a conman, is all ready to cheat India with his upcoming film. The trailer of Cheat India, directed by Soumik Sen, was released recently and received a positive response from the audience. 

While revealing the underlying thought that the film promotes, and giving reasons why one must watch the film, Emraan admitted to have cheated in real life. And like many unfortunate ones, the 37-year old revealed he was caught red-handed too. Reminiscing his junior college days, Emraan revealed, “I had cheated in my SYBCom's Economics paper. It was a tough subject for me. And I was caught cheating too. But my professor let me go with a warning to not to carry the textbook next time.”